Wedding dress dream

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      I had this dream early in September of this year.

      I was wearing a lovely traditional white wedding dress and as I gazed down to look at it I noticed 4 tiny square shaped colors or stains below the right breast on my rib cage. The colors were green, purple, red and blue.
      Immediately following that Dream, like a dream within a dream, I was in a royal purple silk dress that another woman then put on, but it was too large on her and just hung on her.
      Although the tiny colors on the wedding dress are considered stains or blemishes, they were square and the colors, red, purple blue and green were positive colors representing revelation, love, knowledge. The green could be life or legalism.
      Because the dress that was purple seemed too large for another woman God may be telling me more wisdom will be coming as I wait on Him.
      Wedding dresses represent the bride and I know as part of the church, I definitely have things to work on.

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