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      Master Set Of KEYS

      I worked in a large company. I had just got off work and walked up to my locked “locker” to leave my work items and prepare for leaving the workplace. A minor level boss was setting on a changing bench nearby and upon recognizing the keys on my keyring commented that my keys were master keys and that they were not just master for this local set of lockers but for all the sets of lockers throughout the company complex. He indicated that they would need to see about exchanging those master keys for normal keys to my locker.

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      Locker = human soul/spirit

      Keys = keys symbolize spiritual or natural authority, power, ability, and responsibility. It leads to blessings, breakthroughs, opportunities, spiritual development, and spiritual growth. This to enhance the kingdom of God. Keys unlock the riches of God and it unlocks the secrets of God

      Minor level boss = messenger from the Lord


      The keys that have been given to me are apparently for a wide range of spiritual blessings, authority, power, ability, and responsibility. Which should lead to breakthroughs, opportunities, spiritual development, and spiritual growth. The messenger in the dream indicated that the keys could be withdrawn by the head bosses (God) and exchanged for simpler keys of limited use. That is a warning I believe to not only use the keys responsibly but probably also to put them to use by being open to the Leading of the Holy Spirit in how my future is molded and fashioned in terms of personal equipping, spiritual growth and ministry

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      The meaning of a locker, especially one that is locked, is to safeguard tools or equipment. This speaks of the importance of our spiritual tools and equipment. It must be protected as well. When we have keys to lockers, we have access to spiritual tools and equipment, and aids. I have never seen a locker symbolize our spirits or souls. The human “heart” symbolizes the soul and the human “stomach” symbolizes the spirit of man.

      The Keys of the lockers give us access to spiritual tools, aids, and equipment and we must use them responsibly. It does not give us access to our spirits and souls.

      I think this dream is a request that you must be more responsible with these spiritual tools and equipment and aids. The tools and equipment and aids are probably the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the word of God, and so on.

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