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      Latoya Antonia

      Andy (husband) and I going to See a property a very narrow property from the front that’s what I noticed… But inside it was all newly renovated, creams, whites, woods was lovely. We want to put an offer in but they tell us another couple has put an offer in the ly are just waiting to see if pink (pastel pink) wall paper will be put on the walls. I start praying it won’t. Then the news comes it won’t and they had dropped out and we could put the offer in and buy the house. We did without seeing any other room and trusting it would be good space for the littles. Georgina (cousin name meaning ‘farmer/earth worker’ ) was with us and she’s going to varmish properly a border of wood in the lounge I haven’t dome well.

      Caz (mother in law and Gran her mum) are then somehow there and talking about the garden which is long and huge. How they are going to put a huge pond and a swing in for us. We are all sitting around a table and all wearing different shades of green. It’s someone’s birthday I don’t remember the face but another family member. We do all pray and I remember wanting to prophesy over the person that we’re all wearing green it’s a sign of abundance and prosperity over them this year.

      Scene 2
      Outside with a girl and this very large black slimy blob on the floor is actually alive and is friendly to my friend and me. I stroke its head. It makes itself into shapes but actually, it’s flat on the floor. Two Police come to kill it and now I’m with Andy and we are trying to save it. There’s a fight but they do cut off w portion of it.

      Scene 3
      In some sort of creative school, two students had made music videos, in an exceptional time, a couple of days. One was a relaxing Ibiza one and one a full-on dancing MTV-style video. Andy said that one is just way too old for her. As in her age.

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