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      Trigger, I don’t recall, so I will do a general interpretation

      I was standing in a kitchen washing glasses and dishes with a friend. I noticed that my hands were swollen and my lips were swollen, particularly on the right side.

      Kitchen speaks of a place of preparation of the word of God to be taught or preached.
      Hands represent the organizational aspects of the church. Because my hands were larger than in the natural God maybe telling me it’s problematic. I’m currently attending a newer prophetic non denomination church. There may also be spiritual issues or opportunities for growth her. Also, God maybe equipping his saints for ministry.
      A person’s testimony and declarations. God may be asking me to share my testimony more or choose positive encouraging words.
      The water in the sink was clear and clean. It may represent the Holy Spirit cleansing our sins away.
      The woman in the Dream is a friend I’ve had several dreams about and it may represent her seeking God and being prepared for ministry in the future.
      I feel that because the right hand was larger and the right side of my mouth was larger that God may be saying that action is needed in the church to strengthen and grow the church.

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