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      I was in a gravel pit clearing when I heard a sound in the woods that sounded like a wild lynx. I called back to it imitatating a lynx. Then I seen rapid movement in the woods on a hillside and it was a wild German Shepherd dog running straight at me. It looked like it was not going to stop. I yelled “hey” several times as I began reaching for my pistol for protection.

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      Clearing = ? Exposed, vulnerable

      Lynx = Cat = Just like a leopard, cats also symbolize people who are rebellious and blasphemous toward God.

      Woods = symbolizes a place without God and a place without God’s people.

      Dog = symbolizes uncleanness or sexual sins or a backsliding spirit

      Pistol = revolver = speak of words of criticism or discontent or unbelief or negativity. The enemy (evil spirits) uses other people to “shoot” us with words.


      I believe that God is warning me that there will be a time when perhaps I might be more “vulnerable” than usual and the enemy will seize that time to “attack” me most likely with words. God is telling me it will be ineffective to try to talk my way to a solution. Perhaps this “attack” may come as an attempted sexual seduction of some sort

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      I agree with your interpretation but maybe this dream is a warning about a specific incident and specific people in the near future who will do or attempt to do what you described in your interpretation. Remember, if it is not about spiritual matters then it is about normal or natural matters. In such case, the cat is about being rebellious toward you personally and then it has nothing to do with God. In such a case the dog is a personal attack. Dogs do not always symbolize backsliding, it sometimes symbolizes a vicious attack of violence.

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      Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this. it is helpful.

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