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      I’ve been away from my prophetic church for several months up north seeking direction and rest in God.
      I dreamt I was going out to dinner with a group of white men and women that seemed familiar to me. Then a group of black men and women whisked me away to go with them to a restaurant. After I entered an elevator without the black group of people, and started ascending I noticed a white woman standing in the back of the elevator. She immediately was sucked up headfirst into a clear small tube on the ceiling of the elevator. Then I too, was supernaturally sucked up too and found myself at a restaurant that looked like very few people were there. I woke up.
      I think the Lord was telling me that I need to be cautious and discerning about who and where I go. The black group of people may have been false messengers sent by the enemy or an unrighteousness church. I feel God is warning me. That’s why only I was in the elevator with the white woman who represents a pure righteous congregation and we ascended to the restaurant which preaches the truth, the word of God. It may also mean visiting another church where the word of God is taught.

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