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      A friend and I were walking. We walked through a campground to the far side where there was an outhouse. My friend used it first. When he was done I went in and used it. It took a long time to complete my use. During my use someone unlocked and opened the door and began harassing me trying to threaten me to make me cut the job short. I went over to the people outside the door and firmly told them in no uncertain terms to leave the door closed. They were getting a little belligerent until I pulled my shirt back so that they could see I was packing a gun. I then completed my job. I had to use napkins for wipes. When I came out of the outhouse there was quite a large number waiting to use the outnouse. Perhaps around 10 people. My friend was gone so I began walking towards town. I was going to buy new camping equipment as time went along and as I could afford it. My camping stuff was all gone but I can’t remember why (outside the dream). I was in a store discussing my old equipment and someone asked what backpack I used to own. I told them it was called “Spiritual Pond” but it had not been a very good pack.

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      Friend = man = symbolizes a messenger from God with a message from God.

      Campground = ? Temporary house? = A campground may be a time of setting aside the sins of which so easily beset us

      Toilet / passing solids = A person going to the toilet is cleansing himself (his inner being) of bitterness, hate, unforgiveness, and other bad and sinful emotional issues through confession and repentance

      Town = city = a symbol of security and safety. It speaks of safety and it speaks of permanency.

      Camping equipment = Holy Bible, Bible based Christian books, Christian praise & worship music?

      Backpack = ? The burdens one carries?


      Walking with a friend can perhaps mean a journey. The journey in this case is spiritual I believe. My “friend” is probably a messenger from God. God has been telling me through my dreams that there are areas of my life that need to be cleaned up, attitude issues etc. The using of the outhouse is an indication that issues are being successfully dealt with. There have been interuptions when the spirits of darkness have tried to stop me from successfully completing my job. When I stood my ground and exersized my authority that I have in the Lord, they decided to leave me alone. My old backpack was full of heavy burdens. It was like a spiritual swamp or Pond full of insects and bugs etc. I am now in a place of security and safety in the Lord and my new pack will be an easy to carry light burden. I think God is saying also that reading His word as well as other Christian books as well as the praise and worship music I listen to is great and keep on doing it. (Get new “camping equipment.”) When I went in the outhouse, I was the only one around. When I came out, there were roughly about 10 people waiting to also use the outhouse. Perhaps the Lord is telling me that He is preparing me to be used by Him to lead others in taking a “journey” similar to mine where they too can find an outhouse to lighten their burdens and grow in their walk with a him

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      Again an excellent interpretation. I could not interpret this dream any better.

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