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      The Underground Mine

      Someone named Garth Morgan and some others were going try to take snowmachines in to an abandoned mine to do some exploring. They made it there and I had also gone as well as a guest. I was shown the gold deposits underground and it was rich. They were highgrading and all involved were very well off financially as a result for the rest of their lives.

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      Garth = grounds keeper

      Morgan = of the sea

      Snowmachines = speak of ministries, natural jobs, business situations and special movements and projects in people’s lives. It may speak of a person’s motivation in regard to something specific. Different vehicles enable us to achieve dif f erent results or breakthroughs and it also speaks of people who specialize in certain areas.

      Snow = Snow symbolizes a winter season in spiritual matters or in a person’s life. It symbolizes a time of resting, purification and preparation for future growth in a new season. It symbolizes a time or a period of inactivity.
      It also symbolizes a time of watching before a new season or future growth or for new opportunities.

      Gold = gold symbolizes pure holiness and purified steadfast faith.
      Just as with gold, true holiness and true faith also need to be purified and refined by fire.


      This dream seems to speak of ministries, in a wide variety of conditions from land to sea to snow. Be prepared for domestic as well, as perhaps foreign shores in many various conditions. It will be a ministry noted for pure holiness and purified steadfast faith. I may be invited at some point as a guest of this ministry

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      I never use the meanings of names in a symbolic sense. The meanings of names were created and allocated to different names by people so to me it has no symbolic value. However, many names of people in the Bible have symbolic value and I do pay attention to such names and I do take the symbolic meanings of Biblical names into consideration when I interpret dreams.

      The fact that a very distinct name was prominent in the dream rather speaks of a person with that name, or a specific person (not just anyone). This means that even if this person does not have that name, God is referring to a specific person that you may meet one day.

      These ministries are or will be focused on helping the body of Christ to grow their faith and to be purified. Mining for gold is hard and it takes a lot of time, effort, and resources.

      The “exploring part” speaks of finding new ways and means of helping people to have faith and to be purified and pure and holy.

      So again, your interpretation was spot-on. Well done.

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