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      I was in a large commercial camp type complex. A man had recently retired and he had given me some very important keys that I think was used to operate a certain tool. I don’t remember what the tool was used for. Another resident there was trying to find and use those keys but those keys were not for his use and he was not supposed to have them. I kept looking for secure locations to hide the keys but had not found any. I tried flying to the far end of the complex and hide the keys near the top of the exterior of a building but as I stuck my head above the top of the roof somebody saw me from the far side of the roof and I had to fly away again. I was in a room sitting in an open window when the man in pursuit of the key came. He came to me to get the keys. It was night time outside and dark so I dropped the keys out the window without Him knowing, though he wondered if I had done that very thing. I needed to relieve myself so I went and found a toilet to urinate in. The toilet was a rectangular hole in the floor where the sewer was running past underneath. I did not understand how to use the toilet to start with. So when I was done I found a water hose to wash the toilet area down so it would be clean again.

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      Commercial camp complex = ? A time of spiritual growth and learning

      Retired man = symbolizes a messenger from God with a message from God.

      Keys = symbolize spiritual or natural authority, power, ability, and responsibility. A person with a key in his hand, which is able to unlock important spiritual doors speaks of God-given authority, power, ability and of course responsibility.

      Tools = ? Gifts of the Spirit such as healing, prophecy, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits, words of wisdom etc.

      Man trying to take the keys without authority = symbolizes a messenger from God with a message from God.

      Hiding key = ?

      Window = ? opening to heaven, opening to the soul, portal to the kingdom of god, window of opportunity, escape, exposure, vulnerable.

      Night = speaks of evil spirits or evil people busy with evil maneuvers in the lives of people.

      Toilet – (passing urine) = symbolizes repentance. It speaks of the confession of a particular sin in the life of a person.

      Cleaning/Washing = ? natural or spiritual cleansing, removal of sin, renewing of the mind and spirit, sanctification, restoration, renewal.


      God has really blessed me spiritually this last year and I am begining to experience miraculous gifts of the Spirit in my life. I just prayed the evening before this dream that God would help me to stay humble and never never never take credit personally for what God is doing through me. God also spoke to me about being overly critical of others.


      The Father is showing me that I am in a time of spiritual growth and learning. He has given me important keys that will help me spiritually in the times ahead. However, it is not guaranteed that I will continue to grow in the Holy Spirit gifting. There are evil forces as well as personal sins that will try to render the “keys” useless for me. I need to be very aware of the leading of the Holy Spirit and be always ready to visit the “toilet” to rid myself of spiritual impurities whenever the Spirit leads. It is that self examination and spiritual cleansing and addressing sin issues that will continue to allow me to be able to use the spiritual gifts with authority and power. I need to keep my life right before the Lord and not allow spirits of darkness to compromise me spiritually

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      I think your interpretation is spot-on. Well done.

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