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      Subject: Dream 9/12/2023

      My dream……..I am waiting in my home for my sister that lives out of town to call me to meet her somewhere to eat. I am in my purple robe. I have been waiting for a long period of time. I decided to go to one of our (husband and me) buildings that we own on the property and check with my niece on when her mother will be in town. The building is at the bottom of the hill if you are looking at the front of the house the building would be to the left in the valley. My house was located at the top of the hill. When I walked into the building I notice a white man in black clothing working in the building right in front of me. My niece is running a business there and she is busy at work. It is an empty building with nothing in it. No type of objects anywhere suggesting what type of business. The colors seemed to be muted browns in the building. I do notice there are 4 rooms in the building. I turn to the left into another room where my niece is located. And ask her if she knows when her mother will be in town. She doesn’t know. I return home and wait another length of time. By this time, I am getting impatient waiting. I decided to return to the building and ask my niece again. Still in my purple robe. Now, I am in the room to the left again. When I asked this time my sister appears from another room which was in front of me. She tells me she has been there for awhile. Makes me feel as though my niece had cover for her and she was there all the time I had been waiting and possibly there when I asked the first time.

      At that point, I decide to confront her. And when I spoke I said “I am done with all this.” At that moment, I realized that is not how I should handle the situation. I then asked my sister “why she has to continue to punish me?” My niece said something which gave me the impression she herself may come against me. Then she this issue has been going on for 4 years now and I corrected her and said…No, it is almost 3 years. My sister began to explained why she has treated me so wrongly and she said it was because of all the traumas that her daughter had been going through. I told her she was full of it and that had nothing to do with why she continued to punish me.

      Then I looked outside and noticed my grey cat coming down the hill from the left to the right to get to me. I was holding her and my sister said derogatory things about the cat. One was how scared she was and how bad that was for the cat to be so scared. I thought to myself that is not always a bad thing with a cat. I also thought to myself that I take note when a cat acts that way because it could be a warning sign for me as well that there may be something dangerous lurking about.

      The end.

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      This is what I came up with….. I believe my sister represents her self and God is warning me what is about to take place when she plans to comes up the first week in October to go to the craft fairs with her friends. And she wants me to meet up with them. I told her it would depend on how well I was doing from my surgery at that time whether I would go or not. I have felt obligated to meet her.

      Going to that building to the left represents I am making a bad decision. And the white man wearing black represents God’s messenger and the black represents the messenger telling me this is an evil strategy and/or demonic attack. A warning to me. My niece being to the left of me is a negative. I believe my niece(looks her present age which is 40)actually represents my sister’s spiritual growth. The robe I have own represents me not being spiritually ready for what is ahead. (In real life, I am recovering from a major surgery which recovery time is at least 6 to 8 weeks. I am going into my 4th week. That interpretation is so true. I am not ready for this) The purple represents the love of God and/or spiritually wealthy or financially wealthy . I believe in this dream it’s the love of God that I am robed in. I think the number 3 is a negative number representing conflict, strife, disaccord, and etc. And I have experience all these negative things in my life from this conflict. The number 4 that my sister spoke out seems to represents ignorance in this dream. I am not sure if that means she is ignorant of what she does and does not realize the outcome of her behavior. Or she wants to be ignorant so she is not accountable to change. And the building may represent her as well. It has 4 rooms in it which I believe represents what she operates in on a negative position. The building being in colors of brown represents shellfish ambitions. I believe it is pride that she operates in.

      The cats hair being grey represents dignity, honor, and wisdom of spiritual person or person’s. The cat herself represents arrogance and pride towards God’s gifting. Since my sister came against the cat so strongly. I believe this was saying to me that she was accusing me of the very turmoil that she herself operates in. Overall, I believe the Lord is warning me, if I go through with meeting her in October it is going to be another set up for me to fail. And I do not have to make this bad decision. I do not have to put myself in harms way again. In the past two years, I have had to keep engaging with her because of my Mom lived right beside her. And I needed help her through her last days. Now, since my Mom has gone on to be with the Lord in April. I know longer have to place myself in a bad situation. No more ties.

      Therefore, I believe the Lord is showing me what the outcome will be if I do meet her in October verses if I do not meet her. I have a choice now and I don’t have to play into what the devil wants to use to bring me more harm. After analyzing and praying about this dream I am choosing not to go.

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