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ASR Martins is one of the founding members of the “SA House churches” initiative. He stays with his wife Marinda and their boys, Ewaldt and Rheeder, in Klerksdorp, South Africa. They also have a daughter Alisia. They see themselves as spiritual facilitators by providing support, resources and encouragement to everybody who wants to be pioneers in the hand of God. He is also the author of a few books which can be purchased on this website or at the online bookstore of your choice.

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The truth about Spiritual Warfarethe_truth_about_spiritual_warfare

This book proves that “Spiritual warfare” is a false doctrine. The necessary Scriptures that support this statement are discussed in detail. People are actually oppressed just because they believe in this doctrine. This book will challenge your beliefs on this subject and it will set you free.

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Understanding the prophetic times we live in (A report of imminent events)understanding_the_prophetic_times_we_live_in

During the morning hours of Tuesday, June 2, 2015, the Lord Jesus Christ instructed me to write this report. He called it a “report” because He wanted me to write it as a “report of imminent events” to those who wish to understand the prophetic times we live in. The aim of this report is to bring clarity and to counter confusion in the lives of many Christians regarding the end-times, especially regarding the prophetic time we live in at this moment. The Lord’s aim with this report is clear: Clarity will equip and enable God’s children to follow His vision for and in this time period we are living in now. It will enable them to report for duty. It will enable them to become mighty instruments in God’s hand. End-time ministry does not only mean that God is at work. It also means that we have some part to play in order to enable God to carry out His plans. This report will enable God’s children to stand up and be counted”.

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Huiskerke: Hoe? Hoekom?huiskerke_hoe_hoekom

Hierdie boek is ‘n omvattende handleiding wat die Nuwe-Testamentiese kerk van die Bybel aan die leser bekend stel. Alle aspekte van die vroeë kerk se gemeente lewe word in die boek behandel. Die handleiding fokus op die geestelike beginsels wat outentieke huiskerk planting beheer.

Die waarheid omtrent bloedlynvloekedie_waarheid_omtrent_bloedlynvloeke

Hierdie boek is geskryf om hierdie vals leerstelling uit die woord van God te weerlê. Kinders van God is werklik nie op hoogte met die woord van God met betrekking tot hierdie onderwerp nie. Hoewel die Bybel ast’ware hierdie leerstelling in soveel woorde baie duidelik bevestig as ‘n vals leerstelling, veroorsaak onkunde steeds dat miljoene kinders van God onder hierdie juk gebuk gaan. Klik op die skakel hier onder vir meer inligting:

Die waarheid omtrent siektes en ander ellendesdie_waarheid_omtrent_siektes_en_ander_ellendes

Hierdie boek is geskryf om vals leerstelling ten opsigte van siektes en ander ellendes uit die woord van God te weerlê. God wil nie dat ons in onkunde en in die duister moet lewe ten opsigte van die oorsake van siektes en ellendes nie. As ons weet wat werklik siekte veroorsaak dan weet ons ook hoe om dit te voorkom. Dit is juis onkunde wat die verlossingswerk van Jesus Christus neutraliseer. Klik op die skakels hier onder vir meer inligting:

Is ons Bybels korrek?is_ons_bybels_korrek

Daar is tans ‘n baie groot aanslag op die outentisiteit van die woord van God. Die kern van die aanslag op die woord van God is tweërlei van aard: Eerstens word daar van korrupte grondtekste gebruik gemaak tydens vertaling. Tweedens word die Bybels wat vanuit die korrekte grondtekste vertaal is se outentisiteit afgekraak. Hierdie boek bring u kortliks op hoogte met die nodige inligting om u in staat te stel om die regte Bybel te gebruik. Klik op die skakel hier onder vir meer inligting:

Spesiale studie materiaal aangaande kerkleierskap en bediening in die huiskerk gemeente nou beskikbaar op die hulpmiddels bladsy.

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