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Hi Adri,

Firstly, let’s take a look at the meanings of the symbols in your vision:

Baby: A baby symbolizes the beginning or the birth of a new ministry or in the natural sense, an endeavour.
Pregnant: Speaks of a person preparing to give birth to a new ministry. It also speaks of a person’s labour for a specific situation or for the wellbeing of people, like Paul’s labour for the Galatians. It speaks about the “process” of bringing something into existence (nine months of being pregnant and accommodating the growth and the development of the baby in the womb.)
Giving Birth: Speaks of the process of bringing something into existence.


This vision speaks of the beginning of a new ministry (in a spiritual sense) or an endeavour (in a natural sense), in your life. You have been preparing for it and you are on the verge of bringing it into existence. The process is almost completed.

This is a very exciting vision. This could mean that this new ministry or endeavour is about to come into existence in real life or you have a deep desire that this will realise.

God bless