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Hi Gina,

A cemetery speaks of old financial debts, spiritual matters or non-spiritual matters settled a long time ago. In this sense, dreaming of a cemetery is a positive thing. Dreaming of a cemetery is probably an affirmation that we do not owe another person anything in a particular situation. It might also mean that we are not to insist on another person paying us something that we feel or think that he still owes us.
Dreaming of a coffin (not buried) is quite a different story. This means that the debt is not yet settled or dealt with. It is not laid to rest and people still need to act on the particular situation. Whether it speaks of financial debt, unfinished spiritual matters or non-spiritual matters depends on the particular situation and whatever you pondered on before the dream.

It appears that your husband and your family are somehow connected to a situation where somebody (or a family or group of people) is in the process or about to settle some outstanding matters. It might be financial matters but it could also be other matters.

The fact that they all wore black dresses or suits speaks of unity in motivation and feelings about settling the debt. However, they all know something that they cannot share. The thin layer of skin that prevented them from speaking symbolizes an inability to speak and to reveal a secret about this dept or about the settling of the debt. Our skins are our biggest organ and it protects the whole body against the elements. It can breathe so it can allow the body to be influenced from the outside. The skin also gives beauty and we identify people based on the condition and characteristics of the skin. Important to understand is that the skin protects and “manages” certain activities for the whole body.

The fact that all these people all wear the same clothes and all had these skins over their mouths speaks of these “global” or “whole body” characteristics of the skin. There was not a single deviation. This speaks of a group of people who stand together in unity as one (like the human skin) to protect the whole body (group of people).

This dream cannot be properly interpreted unless we succeed in identifying the trigger. There is something that had to be settled. This group did it and they protected the group as one man. Completely united and no secrets were revealed to outsiders.