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Hi Smidge, I would say that this is a dream.

I can really relate to this as my brother is going through the same thing and is truly playing on my feelings. Pray for the right fellowship that will help him change his ways and receive deliverance; sometimes we feel like we are responsible for everyone who is suffering but the truth is we aren’t and that’s ok. I pray that your brother will receive right fellowship and I stand in agreement with you that he will be healed and receive the deliverance he needs.

Primary Elements:
Tom (Dreamer brother)

Secondary Elements:
Chair, recliner: visitation and fellowship.
Patty: Noble, victorious
I could die: negative personality traits that you need to overcome. Break ties. Ending relationship
6 to 8 hours: 6- carnal natures, weakness of man, will or willingness TO 8: new birth, new beginning, deliverance
Change medications: Healing, prayer, Word of God

Your brother Tom will be victorious with the right fellowship breaking ties and overcoming negative personality traits if he is willing to and through healing, prayer and God’s word.