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Hi Smidge,

I will give you the meanings of these symbols but do remember, when they are not standing loose but form part of a group of symbols in a dream and vision, it will give more information and change meanings slightly as the one symbol sheds more light onto another symbol. Some symbols will indicate whether another symbol should be used in a negative context or a positive context and so on:

Water faucet: A water faucet is about the purification of either hands or faces in dreams and visions. It symbolizes the power and organizational aspects of the Body of Christ. It is all about (opportunity and ability to bring into existence) organizing, functioning, and the handling of spiritual issues in the Body of Christ. It speaks of cleansing one’s actions and ministry in the body of Christ. Faces speak of something similar but it is all about our personality. It is about being compassionate about people the way God wants us to be compassionate. Even with this, we need to be cleansed so that we can have compassion when God has compassion. Without cleansing our faces, we may feel very compassionate about something (which eventually determines our personality and attitudes), in a sense, that God does not. He may feel offended and we feel compassion and so on.

Bowl: A bowl may symbolize drink offerings or the prayers of the saints. In another sense, it speaks of human beings who contain spiritual riches and are therefore vessels of excellence in the hands of God. It all depends on the color and the material the bowl is made of. A bowl can also be a container that contains spiritual food (contains fruit or meat or bread or rolls or salads and so on).

Videotape: A videotape is a lot like photos or movies. It speaks of an important thing or event that needs to be remembered. Called into remembrance because it is important or something to identify with.

VHS Player/recorder: This is the same as I described above but includes the willingness to playback (look at the past or something important which is important or to allow something to be carried over to you.

Copying a video: This speaks of really take note of something. We only copy what is important and what we need to remember or prevent the loss of such important events or things that need to be remembered or regarded important. It can mean to take heed to the contents of such a video.