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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge, I see you explained my question as follows: The cell was cement with black bars. Clean but plain.

The cell speaks of your brother being in bondage (an alcoholic). The insect speaks of toxic thoughts that caused this bondage to be the stronghold that it is. See the meaning of “insects” in the dictionary. The fact that the insect is larger than usual speaks of this situation of toxic thoughts and bondage being a problem for a long time and/or this situation being a big problem. The fact that it is blue/green speaks of true thoughts (blue) being mixed with soulish intellectual thoughts (green). The fact that he was bitten and the children (in the heads) speaks of this situation as not being good for everybody. It has a negative impact or effect on everybody. Are your children today grown-ups and are they in contact with your brother? Could it be that he had a bad influence on them through the years?

In dreams and visions, the number eight symbolizes deliverance and redemption and resurrection, and a new beginning. In a negative sense, the number eight symbolizes lost or in bondage. The fact that the insect had 8 body sections speaks of these toxic thoughts causing the bondage. Your brother seriously needs good proper Biblical counseling. Those bad thoughts ned to be replaced by the word of God (good counseling). Will he be willing that you arrange some counseling for him with a person who will be able to do it correctly?