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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge,

You did not mention if this was inside a house on the floor or outside the house (porch or deck or in the garden). This is important because each scenario changes the meaning.

Usually and in general, autumn leaves in a garden or on a floor and the sweeping of the raking and the sweeping of the leaves symbolize the maintenance of relationships. It means we remove old things and the bad influences of experiences of life from our hearts (inside a house) or the garden (in our love relationships) so that we and the people that we have relationships with can be happy, live in love, trusting each other and feel beautiful and appreciated and loved.

Please check the meanings of a well-maintained garden and the meaning of a well-maintained house in the dictionary, as well as garden tools and cleaning tools like brooms.

Brown and yellow leaves speak of all the little things that cause either sinful acts among people (brown) or acts of jealousy and hate (yellow) that needs to be addressed and removed constantly so that the relationship is strong and steadfast and so that it can survive all the little things, and the big things that cause harm to people and relationships.