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Basie Martins

Hi Sparkle,

Excellent interpretation! As we know, containers are all about containing spiritual blessings (when positive) and bad things (when negative) or as in this case, nothing (because the emphasis here was the empty can that is supposed to be filled with “reconciliation between man and God by his blood” (purple can).

In dreams and visions, right means the correct or positive or good decision. Moving to the right means something is coming and it is positive, so by (right (the future) above, it appears that you were moving to the right so you have this spot-on. Also, you indicated negative actions with the right leg, which is also spot-on because the right leg does indicate actions that can be negative or positive. Well done! (Many people struggle a bit with the differences in meanings between right and left, moving to the right or left and symbols in the right or left areas of the visionary field. There are quite some differences in meanings between these aspects or principles of direction and position.