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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge,

This is a positive dream. Usually, a rope speaks of bondage. In this case, the rope is used to enjoy an activity. It is not “dancing” but an activity that does take more effort and it is something that people get better and better at because they become fit and used to the exercise or the activity.

Each time the woman jumps over that rope she becomes stronger and better and each time is a victory (she beats the rope (bondage) each time that she jumps over it) and she is happy whilst she is doing it.

I think God’s message to you is that the situation with Barb can change. It can be turned around although it will take some effort and commitment. When somebody is motivated a situation can be turned around quite successfully. I experienced such a situation last year. A woman asked me to pray for her husband, a school teacher, who is an alcoholic. He became very sick and started to “get the horrors” (hallucinating).

I prayed for him a few times, he was booked into a rehabilitation center and he miraculously recovered. It is now a year later and he is still fine (never had a drop of liquor again).

So this happy lady enjoying her skipping might be an indication of what is possible for Barb.