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Basie Martins

Hi vik21,

Let us look at the meanings of a few symbols first:

Hole: A pit or a hole in dreams and visions symbolizes bondage. People seeing themselves or other people standing in holes of mud or in a pit in a dream or a vision, speaks of some sort of bondage. It speaks of a person being kept a prisoner because of bad situations in their spiritual lives including natural or physical aspects of their lives.

Stone: A rock symbolizes steadfastness in the Lord Jesus Christ. A revelation of God (who and what He is) brings steadfastness in our faith walk with Him.
In a negative sense, a rock symbolizes a stumbling block which is a rock of offense. It symbolizes obstacles. In dreams, we see rocks on roads or falling down cliffs or getting in our way which speaks of difficult situations and challenges in our lives. Some rocks are stumbling blocks. Some rocks are spiritually dangerous situations. Rocks in one’s way when driving down a road or climbing a mountain speak of obstacles that need to be overcome.

A rock can also symbolize a false foundation which is not a solid foundation.

In this situation, the stone on the hole is almost like the tombstone of Jesus’s grave that had to be removed or opened to release Him (set Him free)(the grave could not keep Jesus prisoner). In the dream, the stone on top of the hole represents the “hindrance” that needed to be overcome in order to set the woman’s son free.

Waiting on the Lord symbolizes praying and actively waiting and trusting God for a miracle. So the “waiting” that you referred to speaks of the mother waiting on God for a miracle so that her son can be set free. You assisting this mother speaks of you emotionally and spiritually comforting and helping the mother in the situation and to find her son (the “finding” the “lost” son is connected to being in bondage and the need for deliverance or to be set free). To me, this is an indication that the son is missing because of some kind of bondage that he probably brought over himself.

The dream subtly suggests that the son is not really missing but as soon as the time is right you can set him free and release him (so in real life he is missing or was missing at the time of the dream but in the spirit and with God he is or was not missing but in bondage). The people that you referred to suggest that there is some unnecessary influence by people that needs to be removed first before the son can be set free.

I am not sure if you know the mother and if you communicate with her or whether there is just this “spiritual connection” through the dream that you had regarding this incident. Can you please clarify this for me?

Anyway, the dream suggests that it will be easy to set the son free and to find him as soon as the obstacles are removed (the stone and the people involved)