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Interpretation of above dream


Restaurant = a place where the word of God is prepared and served to people, outside of the local church

Loader = rapid removal of obstacles for both good or bad?

Passenger = passengers play supporting roles or are somehow involved with the ministry, job, association or business situation. Being a passenger in the front right side speaks of being in a position where you play a senior role but not in charge.

Shortcut = doing things not in a traditional way in order to bring faster results. Can be either a positive or negative symbol. ?

Road = speak of spiritual direction and the circumstances that we experience in our spiritual journeys

Splatters or stains – cleaning = stains speak of false doctrines and practices. “Cleaning” up those stains can only happen if we turn to Jesus for His cleansing power and guidance.


God is showing me that I will need to go outside of my local church body to get the spiritual nutrition that I need in order to continue my spiritual journey as He wants me to. God is letting me know to be careful of decisions that I make in my spiritual journey. Do not make decisions hastily in order to try to speed up the process because those decisions could make for a rough bumpy ride where damage could result. Seek His guidance and let Him be in control. Don’t try to dictate to Him how things need to progress. Who is in the driver’s seat is VERY important in deciding how safely I arrive at the destination at the end of the journey. By leaving the driving to Him, he can also help me to clean up any false doctrines etc that I may have picked up through the years. He has provided me with the proper equipment to rapidly reconstruct the landscape of my life and aid in the removal of obstacles in life’s journey that may try to hinder my spiritual growth.