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Basie Martins

Hi Woodsman,

Medicine in dreams and visions symbolizes the word of God that has the ability to cause or to ensure healing in a physical sense or spiritual sense. People need healing in their bodies but they also need mental healing as well as emotional healing. Medicine is, therefore, words regarding divine healing. Medicine is not food but it is still a substance that is taken in by the mouth and absorbed in our digestive system. In this sense, “medicine”, in dreams and visions, are special words of healing (word of God), prepared for a specific person for a specific substandard condition (sickness, disease, mental condition, or emotional condition).

In this case, the medicine was painkillers. This means that the focus of the person in the incident was to help the people to take the hurt away. He was therefore applying words of encouragement and Biblical words (Scriptures or the word of God)that are focused on helping people to deal with the hurt.

I think you are right that God wants to use you to help people in this way. All people who are hurting, not only new converts.