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Hi Marina,

Many times when we dream of our houses it speaks of our hearts and the different “spiritual” rooms of our hearts. So if this man was in your house it speaks of you accommodating him and helping him. Your “mom” probably speaks of the Holy Spirit so this means the Holy Spirit wants you to help and accommodate this stranger.

This probably speaks of a specific person who needs help. You helping him with his laundry speaks of you helping him to get spiritually equipped for life. So there will be some “input” from your side to help this person.

The “cleaning” does suggest that you need to work on yourself (character or soul) and so it is in connection with this person. My opinion is that this man may be more than just a man so you may be right about the statements that you made but you need to be careful in this regard. We are not supposed to be led by dreams but by the Holy Spirit.