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Sarah, first of all let me say thank you! I needed this insight. I appreciate your response. I cried when I read it. Here’s what happened. My business partner didn’t pay an invoice so I paid 50k from my personal account with his promise that he would pay within a couple days. My invoice to him was 118k.he never paid it. I lost everything. I was contemplating killing myself but instead I fell to my knees and on my face asked God to fix it. I ended up stumbling (hmm) upon a YouTube video about dream interpretation and then coincidentally (no such thing) asr nations dream manual. Before I had started this business venture I mentioned, I had had a dream and all it said was if you do this you will be broke. I had no idea about dreams and had I known things would have happened differently perhaps. But I thought God wanted me to do it, I was trusting him and had prayed extensively about which path to take and I felt like he failed me. So, I struggled with thinking he was going up take care of things. This was over 2 years ago. The state police took the case but in the end said the w nothing they could do because they couldn’t trace his funds even though they knew he stole my money the car ended abruptly. So yes this dream and your insight shows exactly what I want through emotionally. I probably won’t get my money but I have since learned to listen to God through dreams even though I don’t always understand everything, I’m trying.