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Hi ginajns39,

I am so glad that you managed to overcome this thing that your business partner did to you. It was so wrong. I suspect that you also forgave him and by that, you have set yourself free.

I actually forgot about the part that said “death ants” because that indicated that this thing could lead to spiritual death or even real death as you mentioned.

God knows what happened to you and He understood your behavior and the way you acted. The dream was a warning from him, especially the part about the “death ants” that the devil is using the incident to destroy you and you were playing right into his hand but, God is alive and He loves you and He was not going to allow that devil to destroy you so He intervened and that is why you are still alive and well today.

You just keep trusting in God and his provision and you will see how He restores you spiritually and financially. However, you need to be patient and keep trusting him. When the time is right, you will see how He changes everything around. If you keep on doing good and trusting Him patiently, He will bless you in a way that you do not expect Him to do. On that day you will be full of joy and you will be fully restored.