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Hi Mandy,

Firstly, let’s take a look at the symbols in your dream.

Children: In dreams and visions symbolize Christians who are immature and still under guardianship. These are people who need to be spiritually protected and supported by mature Christians.
Eyes: It speaks of the ability to see or understand spiritual matters.
Light brown: To get a light brown colour you have to mix brown and white so we will look at the meanings of both these colours in order to do the interpretation.
Brown: Speaks of selfish ambitions or fleshly desires or striving or sin.
White: Symbolizes victory, holiness, righteousness or faith.


This dream speaks of an immature Christian (children –little girl) who is busy with selfish ambitions or fleshly desires. She is still busy with sin in her life (colour brown).She does not yet have an understanding of spiritual matters. (eyes)

This baby Christian needs support and spiritual guidance from a mature Christian and when this takes place she will experience victory over sin, she will live a life of holiness and be righteous before God. (white).

Maybe you know this person personally and can help and support her spiritually so that she too, can become a mature Christian.