Reply To: Boy dream


Hi Jennifer, no I do not think that you will not get married. You most probably will. I do not know what the young boy represents and that is why I gave you a few scenarios. It all depends on what the trigger was. All I know is that it is from God, it is in His will and you are going to love it. I do suspect that it is a ministry and that you will be a great blessing to the body of Christ.

If it was a baby boy I would have told you that you are about to see a new ministry being birthed in your life. The fact that it is a young boy speaks of something that is not completely new. Maybe it is something that you have been involved with already and care about already, that will be expanded. If you cannot identify what the boy represents, then you should ask God to give you more information. He will give you another dream or He may use another way to show you what this dream means. I am excited for you though because this thing will bring you joy. That is for sure.