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Basie Martins

Hi Andrie,

I think you did well with this interpretation. It really does appear that God is getting you prepared for getting your ministry up and running again. According to the symbols in the dream, it was on a pause, suggesting that other obligations (your work) kept you too busy to give your personal ministry any attention (as suggested by the events and symbols in the dream). It looks like God is saying that you should take a break and enjoy the break (a bit of rest) as symbolized by the coffee and the hot chocolate (both are very similar to the meaning of tea with slight differences).

Is your father in ministry as well? Was his ministry paused as well? If you answer these questions, it will put me in a better position to evaluate your interpretation correctly. If not, then your father in the dream speaks of Father God and then this means that He wants to fellowship with you a bit, during this short break, whilst your ministry is being mobilized.