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This is about really knowing someone intimately (bedroom). They cannot hide things and what is revealed is hatred or jealousy and fleshly emotions (yellow) in the heart. This person leads or rules by their own intelligence and thinking (head). Their ability to producing works (right hand) is based how they think and what their own strength is (hand); not as the Lord leads. They are not active spiritually (bed) and are enjoying the way things used to be (old setting). It could mean that one has old fashioned thinking; or ignorance or laziness (bed).

But there is growth or expansion in a ministry (daughter). But you bring the authority of God, by His righteousness, holiness, revelation of the Holy Spirit or revelation knowledge, and of the blood of Christ who became sin and death for us so that we could live (white, red & blue). Your ability to bring into existence (hand), by the giving (right hand) the final connection (little cap) between the ministry, and the word and will of God, which the ministry is to be founded on and will bear fruit.