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Basie Martins

Hi Dino,

The murder of the two people speaks of the end of relationships that was forcefully carried out.

When you and your wife got separated (the end of your relationship) you basically killed each other, unless third parties were involved which does not really make sense in this regard.

The yellow blanket with the green squares may speak of jealousy (yellow) and soulish thinking (green)(although it is a real blanket in real life, maybe the fact that it was in your dream caused it to become symbolic as well). A blanket speaks of rest. I suspect that this situation is actually preventing rest. Things probably cannot be solved or put to rest as a result of the inability of both of you to solve this matter.

I know that you are struggling a lot because of this situation and that you have done what you can and still you could not succeed yet. This is hard on you and that is why I am certain that it is just an emotional dream. Necessary but not the end of the world. Take it up with God.