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Below is a “prophecy” or maybe a “word of knowledge” about a neighbor man’s upcoming death and an explanation for the above dream as well as the interpretation of the above dream.

I felt like God told me that a certain local person was going to die “tomorrow”. I do not want to list their name here. During a time of prayer earlier, I had asked GOD who I should pray for and was told the wife of this man who was going to die though I did not know yet at that time he was going to die. I prayed for her healing since I knew she was sick. I assumed that was what she needed prayer for. I then asked if there was anyone else I was supposed to pray for and did not get any leading for further prayer. Later after being told that the lady’s husband was going to die, I wanted to pray that he would be protected from dieing once I knew, but I realized that I had not been led to pray for him earlier. I assumed then that he was SUPPOSED to die. Later that evening, I just did not want that knowledge on my conscience, knowing that I knew of this man’s upcoming death but yet did not pray against it. I wondered if it would be okay if I prayed for the man to live if I also prayed God’s will be done. I asked God for a dream that night to confirm how he wanted me to pray concerning this subject. I received the dream listed above. I unfortunately do not remember the dream now the next morning since I did not write it down at the time. It was something about a couple people praying and that an evil person told them not to pray. The praying people then realized from that that they were SUPPOSED to pray. I interpreted the dream to mean that I was supposed to pray as well for this man’s life to be spared. The numeral Two (two people praying) is symbolic of unity. God may have been saying that “yes” I was in unity with Him about this issue. God had told me that the man was going to die so that I WOULD PRAY for him to live.