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Basie Martins

Hi Woodsman,

Fire may also speak of the judgment of men, sometimes bad men and it does not mean that the judgment is justified. Fire also speaks of hatred and violent acts and attitudes among people. Fire also speaks of war.

The symbols, “Firestation” and “Firetruck” were added to the updated Dream Symbols Dictionary.

When firefighters and fire extinguishers and firetrucks are present in dreams, it speaks of people who are helping and protecting people through counseling and advice and even physical protection.

I do not know what the trigger was that caused this dream but my opinion is that this dream is about helping and protecting two people or two families who are causing hurt and damage to each other. Some of the people in your life or in the situation are probably not honest about the role they play. It is as if they do not care for the people or maybe they are biased or maybe something caused them not to act as they should to stop or solve the situation.