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      The whole scene is outside. Me and my husband, we’re getting very important things to put on our trays. We were pushing our carts that had the trays of very important stuff. Both our carts were exacly the same. Some people who were hosting us, were escorting us to somewhere. The three or four men were all bigger than us. Looked like bouncers. I remember the one was brown skin and large. I felt they were guarding us because we are very important people.

      Somehow my husband was in front of them at first, and I was behind them all. When we all turned right, they discovered that I was behind them and someone said oh, she’s behind”. I humbly said “oh, that’s alright.” I thought for a second I’d stay behind but I allowed them to put me in front where everyone knew I was supposed to be anyway. Then they immediately got behind me to make sure I was in front of them as they escorted us along. My husband was on my left side, and I knew we were very important people.

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