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      November 10th – – DEAD MAN AND ACCORDIONS

      A man died at work on night shift. He died in the back of his pickup which was in the parking lot behind his place of employment. I suspected that a fellow employee had guessed that he was sleeping while supposed to be working. I suspected that the employee snuck out to his pickup to see if that was where he was and was discovered by the formerly sleeping employee. A fight ensued and the former sleeper was shot accidently. The dead man had owned two accordions. His stuff was going to be divided up among friends and neighbors. I was asked if I would get one of the accordions and I said yes if it was offered to me. One of the accordions needed the fabric replaced and me and another fella was guessing it may cost 400, 500 or 600 dollars to repair the accordion.

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      Below is my interpretation of the above dream. This is also my first post to the forums


      Man dies or death = The end of a season or relationship or ministry. a change

      Parked vehicle = inactive ministry

      gun = end of a relationship: critical words: unbelief: negativity

      Sleeping = spiritual Inactivity or indifference or one without spiritual power

      Musical instrument = ministry of praise, deliverence or prophetic

      repair = ?

      Money = Rema word, spoken word of God


      I believe God is telling me that I am leaving behind a spiritually ineffective life of a critical nature. That old nature has died. He has planned a change for me. He has a ministry planned for me that is most likely one that involves the Rhema word so perhaps a prophetic ministry. I am not fully ready yet but need some “repair” or work to prepare me for “service”. Spending more time with His written word as well as Rhema word will assist the change. I think this may also be a confirmation that taking this dream interpretation course is His will for me and is the right decision since gaining this knowledge is further equipping me prophetically.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      What can I say. I am impressed. Your interpretation is probably spot on.

      The repair of the accordion definitely speaks of restoration. The restoration was cause by a negative incident which changed the whole spiritual course in the life of this person. The fact that you are in the dream and that you benefit from this situation speaks of this dream being about you. So I think you have it right by implying that the dead man and the negative circumstances represents circumstances and a specific incident and not people.

      Well done!

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