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      Trigger I was praying for a young man I knew in California. He had a very rough life. We use to talk a lot. I try to touch base with him whenever he is on my mind. It’s been 6 months since I last spoke with him. He hasn’t responded to three attempts by me.
      A black perfectly round hole in the street.
      Pretty hourglass-shaped ornate glass vase full of flowers all colors (light colors not dark) sitting in the hole.
      The street is black and the hole is dark.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Smidge,

      A black circle speaks of loneliness. It also speaks of an independent spirit or separation from God.

      Roads speak of spiritual direction and the circumstances that we experience in our spiritual journeys (walking or driving). It speaks of the spiritual conditions on the way ahead in our lives. It is important to note the surrounding objects or places that we pass when are traveling or moving on these roads. A street has the same meaning.

      Flowers symbolize praise and worship (honor and praise bestowed on God). It also speaks of the privilege to enter into the deeper holy spiritual “chambers” of God. Different colors speak of different types of praise and worship. The color of the flower reveals more details pertaining to the nature or the reason for praise and worship.

      In a negative sense, flowers symbolize the fading glory of man. Without Christ in us and the Holy Spirit in us, the little human glory that we have fades and die. We just cannot sustain or maintain glory in our lives.

      A pit or a hole in dreams and visions symbolizes bondage. People seeing themselves or other people standing in holes of mud or in a pit in a dream or a vision, speaks of some sort of bondage. It speaks of a person being kept a prisoner because of bad situations in their spiritual lives.

      This dream is about your friend and the bad aspects and hardships of his life. He is lonely, probably separated from God (maybe not separated but he probably does feel very alone and probably feels that God does not care about him) and there is a lot of negative circumstances and evil influences active in his life.

      The peculiar thing that I do not understand is the vase of flowers in the hole. If we praise God when we are going through bad circumstances, it speaks of spiritual maturity (almost like the part in the book of Habakkuk). We should always praise God even when we experience bad things in our lives.

      The fact that the vase looks like an hourglass may speak of time running out for your friend. He needs to praise God in the midst of his circumstances. Praise speaks of an adoration for and a high esteem of God. When God is huge and great our troubles become small and insignificant.

      I think God showed you what is going on in your friend’s life. He probably did it so you can pray for him and intercede for him. He probably needs help and counseling as well.

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