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      My wife Found a three-legged brown dog. I can’t remember which front leg was missing but as I stroked it I found so many ticks on it all in one place. So I started to remove the ticks one by one, but there was just so many, and I asked my wife if she really wanted this dog, and she said yes, so I carried on removing the ticks, my father-in-law was also there and I showed him the ticks, but did not help me remove them. Then I decided to get one of those little four-wheeled trailers (for kids) that they put toys on and pull (don’t know what it’s called) and proceeded to put the dog in it, as I was pushing it the dog snapped at me but did not bite me, then there was a clown dancing on a lobby table like a reception table on the left of us.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Dino,

      You did not mention any triggers so I will interpret it in a general sense. Usually, dogs speak of backsliding, but, in some cases, it speaks of a specific person who will cross your path.

      So in this case, the brown dog symbolizes a person who is living a sinful life (immorality and laziness). This person is also suffering because of other people sucking everything out of him. I do not know whether it is financially or with regard to resources or a particular thing that he or she has that people want. There are many of them and they are all in one area, probably all seeking the same thing. The fact that he has only three legs speaks of him not being able to cope with the situation (weakened spiritually).

      You pushing him forward speaks of you helping him although he or she may not trust you completely (snapping at you). This person does not trust people because, based on his experience with people, they all have hidden and bad motives. You trying to remove the ticks speaks of you trying to help him get rid of those bad people.

      A tick symbolizes a person who is drawing excitement and inspiration from others. It speaks of people who act like parasites. They suck all energy and life out of other people.

      The clown speaks of people who are keeping themselves busy with all sorts of enjoyment and pleasure instead of being serious about life. This attitude or motivation is also part of this person’s world. This person needs help. Spiritual help. He needs God and he needs to repent or he or she will be destroyed. He is already in a bad shape spiritually.

      Somebody close to you, probably your wife, favors this person. She wants you to help him.

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      Hi there and thank you, could this person actually be the father inlaw, who was in the dream, because in real life he refuses to work to support his family, but is getting handouts, and this part of the reason my wife wants a divorce.

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      Fully Restored

      Hi Dino.
      I see that even though your wife wants this dog, the favor of God is upon you to stand your ground for truth in this particular situation.
      You’re trying to take care of this problem little by little with the ticks, but it’s almost like the “casting of your pearls before swine…”
      It turns against you.
      This may also be a lingering situation as you have now gotten a cart to pull it behind you.
      Like dragging some of the past around.
      Any time we compromise the Word, or what we know to be right, eventually it will turn and bite us.
      Trust God’s favor through you towards your wife to see truth. Pray that the eyes of her understanding are enlightened to this situation, and believe that As for you and your house, you will serve the Lord and be a light to others around you. Including your father in law. Just keep loving him. Love doesn’t just mean telling people what they want to hear. Jesus is Love and He is The TRUTH!

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