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      Trigger:Asking for gifts of healing for my friend with cancer. I’m here in California helping her. Really don’t want her to start treatment today. Asking God is there any reason the gifts are being hindered.
      dream: silver (probably stainless steel) clothes rack with colorful long sleeve shirts hanging neat and clean without wrinkles. One shirt stands out, it is plaid.
      White is most dominant with red next and black being the least. A woman appears confident to show me the rack of shirts.She is standing in front of the rack as if she is presenting it to me. She is happy.

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      You are a mature child of God (stainless steel) who God can use as a vessel of excellence. You still need to equip yourself (clothes). There is deliverance (silver) needed from certain things So that God can use you. You are Righteous and faithful (white), but you also have an attitude conflict or anger or hate (red). There is some evil or demonic (black) activity or unbelief, or depression to deal with. The church (woman) can help.

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