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      Trigger: I was reading a debate between Don K. Preston and Sergius Bale about preterism. Also watched a video teaching were Don talked about a series he had done years ago on the book of Acts. He said you would never view the book the same after hearing this series. He had a fifty two part series on his website on the book of Acts. The price was $45.00. I chose not to purchase it. I don’t feel ready to hear it. Since I had the dream of the box having to be folded together a certain way to understand Prederists view I’ve been asking God to show me the folds. It’s overwhelming sometimes.
      Dream: I saw a large orange black and white purse. It was all by itself and filled the picture.
      Next Susan Lucci (actress) said she loved it so I gave it to her. She had dark hair just passed her shoulders styled nicely. Big smile on her face. Very white teeth. I found out I had to pay for it and regretted buying it 4 her because she could afford it why would I buy it. It was so expensive.

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