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      Food morning, I dreamt that a few us were driving a military vehicle called a ratel a South African armored vehicle that carried troops,I was out on top watching the road as we were driving, when all of a sudden a group of African military soldiers pulled us over, and we were arrested. I don’t know what the charges were against us,they then took us to some military compound,where we stayed. I then tried to make contact with one of our superiors to get us out of this, because I somehow remembered of a past incident and that I got out by contacting my superior.

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      Fully Restored

      I think the underlying message, regardless of if it’s emotional restoration from all the instability in the world, or a forewarning, is that no weapon formed against us can prosper if we stay in the secret place. (The Superior) When we “remember” that we’ve gotten out of a situation before, we are then guided by our testimonies of God’s faithfulness.
      The main agenda for believers right now is to know who they are in Christ. What they have in the secret place. Psalm 91. Even death could not hold Jesus captive. The same Spirit that raises Him, resides in us!

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