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      Hi all

      When searching online, many videos and posts suggest that eating in dreams are signs of demonic attacks. Is this always the case? The past 2 weeks I’ve had dreams where I’m eating. One I can remember I was eating soup at a big table, can’t recall everyone at the table but my sister was sitting to my right.

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      As mentioned in the dream interpretation manual by Asr Martin,

      Eating is a symbol for meditating and digesting the word of God.

      In another sense, when we dream of people eating and drinking it speaks of brotherly fellowship. It speaks of people listening to and adhering to the word of God together as a group. It speaks of people enjoying Christ Jesus and the words that He brought to us from the Father.

      A table in dreams and visions symbolizes a place where spiritual food is served. It speaks a place where people can enjoy “eating” the word of God. It is where the teaching ministry is functioning in the body of Christ.

      Dreaming of a person who, in the dream, is your sister or resembles your sister it speaks of likeness or character or relationship. It really depends on the context of this symbol in relation to the other symbols in the dream. The likeness and the character and the relationship between you and this person are therefore emphasized and need to be considered. In terms of relationship, it speaks of us needing to get along with our Christian family because we are family. In terms of character and likeness, it is all about us being like each other because we are all born of God and we are all the same.

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      Thank you for the clarity

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