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      Younger sister decided not to go to church anymore.(6 years at least) Some friends and I walked through the gospel with her,she cried and said I don’t know why I stopped.She came to church with us but said she’s not going anymore.Says she believes in God but tired of feeling guilty.
      Left hand (white skin) slips an egg (egg is normal egg white)into a white apron pocket. The sense I got was that of intentionally hiding the egg.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Smidge,

      An egg symbolizes that a certain condition or a certain matter will be established in due time. The emphasis is on the time period before this condition will materialize. Just as it takes time and patience for a chick to hatch from an egg, so this situation is in the (incubation) process of being established in due course. Time and patience and sometimes prayer is needed before something materializes (hatch). This is not the case in this dream. I am mentioning it for clarity purposes.

      Chicks in the process of hatching in a dream or a vision, speak of a waiting period being over and that the condition is materializing (not the case in this dream because you saw an egg, not chicks hatching).

      In another sense, eggs symbolize birth and reproduction. This is especially true when it comes to insects and birds (not the case in this dream).

      In a negative sense, eggs speak of a person who is reluctant to take decisions causing a delay. I suspect that this meaning is what we should apply in this case.

      In the dream, the person is wearing an apron. It speaks of being prepared to work. However, the fact that she attempted to hide the egg in the apron pocket speaks of her hiding away the fact that she wants to delay a decision. She does not want you to know that she is delaying a decision.

      The fact that she wears an apron probably speaks of her experiencing the whole thing as an unwanted task or undertaking that she does not want in her life right now.

      The hands of a person symbolize the power and organizational aspects of a person. The fact that she slipped the egg into her apron pocket with her left hand speaks of her being influenced to arrange her life (the delay to make a decision) as I mentioned above. She is probably influenced by someone or something to delay or postpone the decision. Such an influence can be on purpose or even unintended but the reality is that it is there and it is causing her to postpone the decision.

      I suspect that she wants to serve the Lord and she wants to go to church but something is preventing her from doing so.

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