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      I watched an interview with Preston Sprinkle and
      Dr. Greg Johnson. Greg Johnson is a celibate Pastor.  He’s practiced accountability and mortified his flesh. He offered to show his internet history if any Pastor wanted to compare theirs. Loves Jesus loves the gospel.
      Asking God what to think about gay. I know all the scriptures, I know it’s part of sinful nature. That’s  not what I was asking. Mostly stayed clear of the subject in my Christian walk. An old Pastor of mine’s son came out as gay. They treated him horribly.
      I have 2 small children in the dream they are my actual children.
      I am staying at a hotel with them. They are 3 and 2 years old.  I am walking to the left with them. I come across my mom, their grandma.
      She is by a tree with no leaves on it. while we are talking I hand her my daughter she says she’s to hard to hold and hands her back. next I am back at the hotel. I talk with them about letting them go somewhere. I give them money and send them off in a cab not sure what the destination is but there is a destination. Nothing in me thinks I’ve done something wrong. I am in my hotel room again. I take a rest and realize they have no way to get back. They are too young to even know what to do.  I am panicked.  I tell myself I shouldn’t be a mother. Why would I do this knowing I love them.  I start to run out of the room to go find them but I realize I don’t have a shirt on, just my bra. I run back and get dressed. I walk out of the main door of the hotel and realize I forgot my keys. I turn back and am worried the main door will be locked but I pull on the door and it’s open.
      During the dream I don’t want to loose my children but I can no longer trust myself to take care of them. I feel destroyed, I love them but I don’t seem to have the capacity to treat them right by keeping them safe. I woke from this dream but it took a few minutes to realize it wasn’t real. The emotions were so heavy. No colors stood out in this dream.
      It wasn’t black and white though.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Smidge,

      This was an emotional restoration dream. It has been bothering you for quite a while that this Pastor’s son was treated the way that his parents treated him. It is clear in the dream that you cannot imagine how anybody could treat their children that way, irrespective of what the sin was that the child succumbed to in his life. All the events in the dream and the fact that such children are left “parentless” whilst they do not have the abilities and strength at such a young age to find their way back home to loving and caring parents, not only home in the natural but even our heavenly home (God and the kingdom of God). Everything in the dream is a representation of your fears and your strong disapproval of such behavior from parents. It actually shocks you.

      You are a very loving mother and you have a heart for children and people who have been hurt. That is why you have a very beautiful restoration and deliverance ministry.

      I am sure that this Pastor and probably his wife as well, did treat their son badly. I know how the church is instructed to treat people like the boy (man) that you mentioned. What he did and possibly still does was and is an abomination before God, in the Old Testament it was and it is still an abomination in the New Testament. God does not change. Many churches all across the world, who are still faithful to God and his word (who refuse to fall into apostasy) will still follow the Biblical protocol, which ends with excommunication and such a person “handed over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord”.

      But what are parents supposed to do? They are supposed to love their children despite this, just as the church is supposed to still love such people, irrespective of the drastic measures that were taken as described above.

      So yes, the Pastor and his wife probably did fail their child, but as Pastors of a congregation, their son has put them in a very tight spot. He brought a lot of shame over them. As Pastors, they are supposed to excommunicate people that acted as their son did. This whole incident must have been very hard for them to deal with.

      It is always a very difficult task to raise children as God wants us to. We all fail terribly at this, or at least, most of us. I can understand that they must have found it very difficult to deal with the situation. They probably had a lot of questions and did not always know or understand why and what to do.

      It won’t be unbiblical for such parents to excommunicate their own child just as they would with any other church member, but, behind the scenes, they are still supposed to give them love and guidance. In fact, this is what God expects from them to do. If you are solely referring to such an event, if it happened, then they did the right thing. However, if they completely rejected their child then they have sinned. He should forgive them but he must not forget that he caused the whole thing.

      Babies and children start to sin at a very young age. Even primary school children can easily succumb to all sorts of sins, including homosexuality. It is still a sin and still an abomination before our God. Such people should repent. They are never innocent. The medical profession surely wants us to believe that some sins are carried out by people who have no choice at all because of some medical reasons that they have no control over. That is a lie, it is not true. We always have a choice, and even if it was true, God can deliver any person who wants to, instantly. There is power in the Blood of Christ and we are always more than conquerors in Christ. The problem is that people want to sin, even from a young age, even before they go to school. We are never innocent.

      So this dream is all about your concerns about the rejection of this person as well as others. Yes, it is a problem but you need to realize that only the rejection by parents is a problem, and complete and total rejection by the church is a problem (this is when church members do not even want to give a person a chance to repent by completely judge them and cast them out permanently). The church must excommunicate such people but they must love them and when they repent the church must joyfully accept them with open arms as if they have never sinned.

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