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      Golden key, I asked the Lord his heart in the matter of me and my wife separation, I was tired of everyone ones opinions and comments, including mine and my wife, So I asked the lord to reveal his mind in the matter.
      I dreamt that my wife and I killed two people, and buried them, but can’t recall the actual event being done, it was just a sense of revelation, we thought that no one would ever find out, the next thing police and investigators arrived knocking at the door, I then opened the door and let them in, they wanted to question us, my wife gave me a look as to say act normal they will never find out, as the police were sitting my wife asked me and said where is the blanket, now the blanket in my dream was a blanket they I really have, it has yellow and green squares on it, I then went to retrieve the blanket, and on returning, I thought to my self we are both guilty to go to hell for this, as I then entered the room, the police had been there for some time already, but had not started the questioning, although I knew they were there for the questioning as if they were waiting.

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      You and your wife have both Problems you don’t Talk about with each other and with God. This silent killed a Part of you both. God as Policeman want that you both Tell him all your Problems and REPENT.
      This could Help your marriage.
      God bless

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Dino, this dream is definitely an emotional restoration dream. It appears that you (probably you and your wife) feel guilty about a few things that happened in the past.

      Everything in the dream that is about the two of you being sly or evasive or dodgy and deceitful speaks of feelings of guilt.

      You probably feel that what the two of you have done is inexcusable or that it cannot be forgiven. This is why you feel surrounded by “policemen” as if your actions were so wrong that they require investigation and judgment. That is why it felt like you are going to hell for it. You also feel exposed to and under scrutiny by family and friends and colleagues.

      I won’t be too bothered about this dream. An emotional restoration dream is meant to restore your emotional condition. It also tells you what bothers you so that you can take those things to God.



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