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      I arrived at this extremely large church. It wasn’t a church that I was familiar with. At first I was just walking around trying to figure out where I was at and why? All of a sudden I was given revelation that I was there for my sister’s wedding. So I walked past 4 rows of people in a dimly lit sanctuary to exit out of a door that lead me into another part of this extremely large church. I remember going into a bathroom to take a bath in order to get ready for the wedding, but after I finished taking my bath, I decided to wait before putting on my Bridesmaid dress so that I could help my mother and sister get everything ready. I left my dress there in the dressing room/bathroom because I was going to come back later to put it on after helping. Right when I exited from the room I saw who individuals that I recognize who I knew was there to be a part of the wedding. I told them that I was looking for my sister and mother to help, and it was at that point that two men appeared and asked me who or what was I looking for? I informed them that I was looking for my sister’s dressing room who is scheduled to have her wedding here on today. They both preceded to lead me to my sister’s dressing room. The strange and
      distressing part was that once I got into the room all excited about my sister who was getting married, I walked into EVERYONE being dressed already! I remember asking my mom “mom why didn’t you tell me that the wedding was happening now?” I am not dressed right now, and well my dress…I remember looking out of the door and seeing so many doors in the unfamiliar church and I wasn’t sure if I could run and get my dress really quick to put it on. My mother just looked at me and looked down at her watch and when she did I could see that it was like 5 minutes before the top of the hour which would have been 12:00pm. I somehow knew that this was the time that my sister’s wedding would start. I also remember looking down and my sister who was sitting in her wedding gown, and I just remember her looking towards the floor with an extremely sad countenance and slumped over very sad looking. I also saw my other sister who was already dressed in her bridesmaids dress. My mother and sisters in this dream was not those in the natural. End of dream.

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