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      I had this dream about a year and a half ago.

      Beautiful day. There was a man surfing on the waves but they were like cartoon waves or waves from a drawing, not real. it didn’t look like real water. The waves were light blue and outlined in darker blue. I was watching him from a side view. He was surfing left to right. He was yelling and scared and trying to hurry to get out of the water. There were a bunch of fins in the water behind him, a lot of them all clumped together, I thought they were sharks but somehow knew they were dolphins. Behind the dolphins were Orcas jumping up out of the water. Black and white whales and they were huge! They were all following the surfer.

      I was at a house, I think I was going to buy it. The deck was rotten I wondered how much it would cost to fix it and like if I bought the boards if someone would repair it. I was thinking 300 dollars. There was a huge hole in the rotted deck and I thought about jumping over it but I wasn’t sure I could make it.
      Inside the house there were some kids. Something was threatening them but I don’t remember what. I told them to stay where they were a second and I grabbed their drinks and snacks and then I went back and picked each kid up and put them on the refrigerator in the kitchen, where they would be safe.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Gina,

      A surfboard speaks of a person who is willing and able to ride on the “waves of change” to benefit the body of Christ, or in a natural sense, benefit in a business venture or situation, or project or a good opportunity to make money. To them, change is not an issue. They adapt quite easily when a new wave comes in.

      However, in the dream, this person got scared of something that he is not supposed to be scared of (the dolphins). So I suspect that in this situation, he identified innocent people who probably would have helped him (See the meaning of dolphins) as a threat.

      The fact that there were black and white waves probably indicates that some new opportunities were good and some were bad. Maybe this made it difficult for him to make decisions about the situation.

      The Orcas were a threat as they symbolize people with a killer instinct, especially when it comes to business. They tend to gather and utilize all business resources and opportunities and they starve smaller businesses and entrepreneurs (See the meaning of waves).

      So all this caused this person to be terrified. The fact that he moved from the left to the right speaks of this situation in the future (following the dream) but by now it probably did happen already.

      The fact that the elements in the dream were cartoon-like and not real indicates that the situation was at that time still not a reality. It was probably still an idea or a desire or not accepted as a reality yet, although it did influence this person in a negative way already, as if it was real already.

      The fact that you had the other dream the same night, probably indicates that this dream (surfer) was about this house. Whatever this house represents, there were a lot of negative aspects involved (look at the negative description and condition of the house). These are things that would normally prevent a buyer from purchasing it. If the surfer was you or your husband, then it appears that you or he had the opportunity to make money with some deal or business opportunity but all the negative aspects involved scared you and you could not capitalize on the opportunities that presented themselves. On the other hand, this could have been a warning from God. It could have been a warning that the business opportunity was or will be too difficult to evaluate correctly or that there were just too many hidden factors involved, resulting in wrong decisions.

      Putting the children on the fridge speaks of putting this situation on hold so that you and your family can be safe and protected. There was some type of a threat in the house which could not be ignored. To me, this situation appeared to be too dangerous to make decisions so whatever this was about or will be about, be careful. At first, it looked to me that the surfer got scared over nothing but in reality, there were genuine threats or hidden factors present in both dreams that just could not be ignored.

      Maybe you have more information now that I interpreted the dream for you. Were those things real threats or did I misunderstand this dream, by seeing it as real threats although everything was just an illusion (cartoon and not real threats at all)?

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      Basie thank you so much for your help with this. At first nothing was coming to my heart and mind as to what it was about but I’ve really been praying and contemplating. I think this is it.

      To refresh, in my death ants dream, my business partner ripped us off for 118,000 dollars. I almost didn’t make it through that. But it was through that that I found the asr martins dream interpretation courses. (God working things together for good)

      About 6 months after this dream with the surfer, another person asked me to go into business with them doing the same thing as I had done before, when I had lost everything. I was terrified and I panicked. I refused to put myself in that position again.
      My brother is in the same business in the fishing industry and he’s a multi millionaire from it. But he’s a shark and he was happy that I lost everything. Going back into it would put him back into my life in a very competitive, nagative way (he’s the orca).
      I finally agreed to do it, after a LOT of praying and seeking God but the fishing season had dwindled and we never got to actually work. We are planning to go for it again in 5 months, for crab season.

      Does the fact that the waves were blue not black change anything in the interpretation?

      Are we supposed to do it? I’m still scared but I’m trusting God. But I was last time too and I lost everything..

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Gina, this dream is indeed about what you described above. Yes, if the waves were blue and white it does change the meaning. Black is a very negative color with negative meanings. Blue and white are both positive colors.

      Because of the emotions in the dream, I am convinced that it was an emotional restoration dream (you being terrified). The dream was merely a representation of your emotions. So yes, in this case (emotional restoration), the dream does not appear as fragile and as dangerous as it initially looked, although some of your fears in the dream are still a reality and valid (orca and the condition of the house).

      It is important to remember that we always need to be led by The Holy Spirit and not by dreams and visions. It is only to be regarded as an aid. It helps us but we have to be led by God (Holy Spirit). You will have to make your business decisions like you always have made them before the unfortunate incident that caused you to lose a lot of money. Don’t allow your fears to become a stumbling block in this regard. The most important thing is that you need to be led by the Holy Spirit when it comes to business decisions. Remember not to make a move if you do not experience peace in your heart.

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