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      I was thinking about too many things before I fell asleep. Not sure of the trigger.

      Shaving the inner side of my right arm. Shaving from wrist upwards.

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      Hi Smidge, hope you keeping well!
      Depending on the trigger this is what I felt to interpret.

      Primary Elements: Dreamer

      Secondary Elements:
      Shaving: Shaving speaks of you cutting off the flesh
      Inner side: making a good decision
      Right arm: relying on your own strength to achieve deliverance or to sustain yourself
      Wrist: Relationship
      Upwards: Increasing your spiritual ground.

      Shaving speaks of you cutting off the flesh; you are making a good decision by not relying on your own strength to achieve deliverance or to sustain yourself anymore. You are vowing your relationship with Jesus and increasing your spiritual ground.

      You are changing the way you are thinking about your deliverance; your decision to rely on God to achieve and sustain you brings forth a new covenant and relationship with Jesus which increases you spiritually.

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      Thank you.
      One of the possible triggers comes from my questions concerning a devotional called “Jesus calling”. The woman wrote it as if Jesus is speaking in the first person. So many christians use this devotional but I was uncomfortable with the first person aspect.
      Do you think these symbols could apply?

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      Basie Martins

      A very good interpretation Unge. Well done! We are cutting off the flesh by means of the word of God. The word of God sets us free. (A blade (razor) is very close to a knife or a sword which is the word of God)

      Of course, the right arm speaks of actions and it speaks of a person’s spiritual power and abilities to perform the work of the ministry and to allow God to move through us in a powerful way (it is actions, not influences like with the left arm, see “left body parts”). In a negative sense, an arm can speak of fleshly man-made power but in a positive sense, it speaks of a person’s spiritual power coming from God and the Holy Spirit.

      So with this dream, there is a change taking place. The true word of God is starting to remove the flesh (razor)(man-made) power and replacing it with spiritual power and abilities that come from God. So in the future, she will be more powerful in the spirit when she moves out to minister to people.

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