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      I was in my apartment, which was more like a caravan(living wagon) (but still on the first floor)
      Joost (long gray hair, beard, from the house church, no idea how he entered my dream) entered:
      I’m here to take shelter/rest (or something), it’s so busy outside. Outside it sounded like a war was underway.
      I invited him to sit.
      He sat down at the table.
      – Are you fasting now? He asked.
      -I do not know. (I registered a few weeks ago for a 7-day fasting-pray conference that is canceled due to the lockdowns and last night I felt like I just had to do that).
      – do that.

      -Do you want something to drink? I asked
      I went into the kitchen that looked more like Rita’s(owner of the house from where the housechurch is held) than mine. I opened a wall cabinet and there were 3 similar glasses of different sizes, filled with something like a cocktail in different colors. 1 part was ice, 1 part clear (water?), top part was sparkling pink, really magical.
      -Hey, how do they get here? I asked
      – you didn’t put it there?
      – no… But this happened before, I suddenly remembered.
      -someone sneaks around your house and puts this in front of you, Joost said.
      I quickly poured the glasses into the sink.

      The next moment I descended a flight of stairs and entered a dark room, a sort of medieval pub. I was on the run. I hurried through the room. At the first table, a woman passed from man to man. As I passed I saw that the men had loot from theft on their laps. At the next table sat humanoid creatures, on the table wriggled something horrible (a monstrosity like a Siamese triplets).
      I woke up.

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      It was a dream from a sister in my church.

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