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      Hi everybody,

      I had a dream a few weeks ago: I and my family were standing outside and looking to the east (where the sun is coming up). We then saw big purple balls made of a water/air combination type of substance, rolling toward us. Many of these balls came and it became bigger and bigger and then when it reaches a specific point it explodes. It became more and more. When it explodes it made the loud clapping sound of firecrackers. It then also explodes into all directions similar to those fireballs that look like many small stars exploding into all directions.

      High above the horizon, we could see two maroon-colored stripes or lines, almost parallel but the two ends closer to us actually looked closer to each other than the two ends furthest from us. These two lines, high up in heaven, created these balls and the lines were aimed at us, firing these balls almost like a firearm at us. It was clear that these balls were from heaven and it was an amazing experience.

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      An upcoming (sun) speaks of the dawning of a new era or a new dispensation in in the lives of Your (family). The light and the glory of God brings deliverance, redemption, and help. The light and glory of God brings hope, peace, and deliverance.

      In the present and future events (top location) because of the revelation of Jesus Christ many emotions like conflicts, arguments (maroon)are involved in persons logical reasoning (top). This causes a great opportunity to speak (ball) or preach God’s love through Jesus Christ. There is a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit (water) (Like an explosion), who is the source of financial or spiritual blessings.
      “The two ends closer to us actually looked closer to each other than the two ends furthest from us.” It looks like all sides come to closer agreement (two). Though conflict may start the ball rolling, this produces good results.

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