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      I was walking along a woodland path when I noticed that on the ground/path there were pens strewn about – as I looked closer, the pens were white and blue and I could easily recognise the logos on them – these were pens from my previous job – I stood looking at them on the ground wondering why the pens were there and how they had gotten there – then I woke up.

      (if it helps, I used to work as a sales consultant for a company and we would hand out pens with our branding on at conferences- these are the pens that were scattered on the path)

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      Hi Brenda,
      Walking on a woodland path does not speak about a journey to get somewhere. It rather speaks of a person who wants to relax but also to ponder on life and things that are interesting or precious to them. It is like taking stock. It is not a journey but a time of relaxation and finding oneself.
      Dreaming of writing with a pen speaks of a person pondering on past events. It means he or she brings past events and experiences into remembrance. However, you did not write with the pens, it was scattered around by someone. The logos on the pens and the dishing out of pens on conferences speak of promoting your brand. The white and blue speak of the right thing, pure, holy, victory, and righteous or right (white) and good knowledge and know-how or good information, or, if it spiritual, revelation knowledge from God (Blue).
      Why was it scattered on a woodland path? Maybe God wants you to ponder on specific past events, circumstances, or situations that may be able to help you find peace so that you can be in a situation of peace. If you remember those wonderful things, if you ponder on them, you might find victory and knowledge in the specific situation that you find yourself in.
      There were past events that caused victory in your life and which enabled you to receive knowledge and breakthroughs. maybe God wants you to take time off to ponder on these things. God wants you to ponder on those things so that you can apply them again in the future.
      However, this dream does require us identifying the incident that triggered it because then we will be able to interpret the dream correctly.
      Have you got any idea what could have triggered this dream?
      What exactly does your previous job, especially the pens and the conferences mean to you?

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      Thank you for your reply and help with this.

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