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      Hi everybody, can you please help with this dream. In the dream, I saw a big blue/yellow ball (one half blue and the other half yellow) floating on the surface of the sea.

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      Hi Gideon, I hope you are keeping well!

      Primary Element: Dreamer

      Primary Element: Ball (playing games, revelation)

      Secondary Elements:
      Big: influence, problem for long time
      Blue: spirit of man, manifestations of the Holy Spirit
      Yellow: soul of man, workings of the flesh
      Floating: not being anchored in God, controlled by worldly systems and the spirit of the world
      Surface of the sea: on top of worldly and fleshly systems

      You see a problem that has been going on for a long time or has been a big influence in your life; it’s been revealed to you that the problem is between the spirit of man (Holy Spirit) and the soul of man (workings of the flesh) this problem is being influenced and controlled by worldly and fleshly systems instead of being anchored in God.

      Depending on the trigger of the dream, this is a dangerous position to be in. We should be careful of worldly and fleshly systems because they make us “float” around controlling our lives that will lead to destruction but when we are rooted/anchored in Christ focusing on Jesus the spirit man is strengthened and stronger than the soul of man making one live with godly purpose.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge, this is an interesting dream and an interesting interpretation. A ball speaks of an opportunity to speak or preach or to speak in a spiritual sense (Gospel of Christ or the word of God), or in a business or natural situation, like in a business meeting. In this case, the ball is floating around on the surface of the sea which speaks of an opportunity to speak to unsaved people or if it does not have anything to do with spiritual issues, then the opportunity to reach the unsaved masses of this world with some kind of a message or information.

      There are two negatives here; the ball is floating around aimlessly and the message is both negative (yellow), which speaks of jealousy and dissent and resentment, and positive (blue), which speaks of the glory of God or revelation knowledge.

      I think Gideon will have to get clarity about this and he will have to make a decision about the message. At this moment there is no decision and there is no clarity. Is there something or someone that causes him not to reach the unsaved masses because of jealousy and dissent (yellow) which causes him not to make use of an opportunity to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ, or something similar (if it is not about spiritual issues, like in a business situation)?

      I like your interpretation and your pointing out that this situation is dangerous (no anchor, the influences of the soul-man, and the influences of the worldly and fleshy systems).

      These are all factors that Gideon needs to take into consideration before he decides whether he should make use of this opportunity to speak or to reach the people involved.

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        I Agree! I wasn’t too sure whether it spoke of his personal life or others because of the colors of the ball but read your comments it makes sense. Thanks

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge, you did well with this interpretation. Although it was a very short dream, it was quite a challenge for me to interpret it. Let’s face it, although dreams and visions interpretation gets easier and easier as God develops it in our hearts, and as we learn more and more about dream interpretation, every now and then we find a dream that just makes no sense at all, and we don’t even know where to begin. This is when prayer and pondering on the symbols and the possible triggers help a lot.

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